Our Mission Statement

The mission is simple, help make technology an asset for your business while eliminating the stress of development. Provide tailored software consulting services to help grow and maintain your business. This is a privilege we value and we do not take it lightly.

Mobile Solutions

In order for a business to reach its full potential mobile content delivery is essential. Here at Codabyte we can help bring your business into the mobile world. Helping you make the right descisions in this ever expanding market place.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Quality is the core in everything we create. Whether producing complex UI designs or delivering a simple solution to a start up business, we assure the best quality to our clients.

Customer Approach

Our customers are the primary focus for the entire company. We understand that our customers provide us the opportunity for accelerated growth, making us one of the fastest growing technology companies in the Pittsburgh area.

Importance of Design

A great user experience ensures a high level of customer satisfaction which help gain loyalty while also reducing training costs. Codabyte's designs can help engage users to spend more time on your application for greater outcomes and better results.

Our Team

Codabyte is a well integrated team of experienced professionals with a diverse expertise in rich interface design and custom application development. No challenge is too big and no detail is too small for us.

Finding the Right Technology Partner

Finding a technology partner whose offerings align with your business goals can be a difficult challenge. Here at Codabyte we build exactly what you need and remove all the headaches which come with software development, this is why we are the preferred choice from others across the country. We start new relationships by learning about your business as it exists and your goals going forward. We can then put together a plan and help you achieve these goals.

Free Hosting: We provide full life cycle product development capabilities which include an option to host your application with us for free.
Decreased cost: Take the time to understand your IT consulting needs carefully. We pride ourselves in reducing the cycles needed for completing a project, which in turn reduce the costs for our clients.
Agile Development and Experience Design : This approach enables Codabyte to serve our clients as they seek to improve their customers' experience, expand market reach, improve time to market and lower costs.