What Sets Us Apart

Individual approach to every customer

Our goal is to help customers solve their problems. First and foremost we aim to add value to existing business situations rather than implement a particular approach or software solution. Our key principles are: an individual approach to studying and solving customer problems, the use of modern information technologies in developing the necessary solutions, and commitment to achieving and excellent final product and delighted customer. Each project goes through our full cycle: careful problem definition and as-is analysis, develop, test, and optimize solutions, and final results including impact analysis.

Analyze. Maintain. Grow.

Our planning is based on a detailed development plan, containing a list of steps, deadlines, risks/mitigations, and a description of any intermediate results or decision points. In multi-stage projects we typically provide interim deliverables and reporting at each phase. This supports both progress monitoring and change management since many clients may wish to modify initial requirements based on intermediate results or discoveries. While analytical skill is key to solution development it is client communication and project management that drives overall project success.

Well being of our clients first.

As true proponent of Agile methodologies Codabyte embraces changes. It means that virtually nothing is fixed in the project after our solution discovery phase. User stories can be refined later, architecture can be changed or augmented to meet business goals. So we work in iterative fashion. Client’s feedback is major change driving force. So we reevaluate our decisions before starting each new iteration to make adjustments in system design and UI interactions. What still stays is our understanding of business processes and product development goals. Having Solution Discovery phase at the project start helps to ramp up quickly, build good communication with the client and avoid critical mistakes at the very beginning.

Solve difficult problems for our customers.

When a client approaches us with a difficult problem, we provide the solution, develop the systems to ensure the solution remains in place, and leverage the results to strengthen overall business performance. Our solutions are dynamic, flexible, and scalable and are designed in full support of your business objectives and long-term ambitions. Codabyte's approach is centered around critical thinking, a keep-it-simple philosophy and proven design-build approach. With this attitude we are able to take your toughest challenges and streamline them into solutions.